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Meteorology 206 Activities

This page contains links to the Severe Weather Forecasting Activity. This activity simulates the development of severe weather events in the United States. You will begin each activity in the morning and then progress throughout the day an hour at a time. At noon you will be asked to predict where you believe severe weather will occur. The activity ends at midnight and then you will be graded for your forecast. Also, throughout the day, you may be asked specific questions about the current hour's data.

Extra Credit Info :Extra credit will be earned by participating in the severe weather activities and will be based on two cases of severe weather , one for the summer and one for the winter. Your best winter case will be worth up to 1% extra credit and your best summer case will be worth up to 1% extra credit

Please select one of the cases listed below...

Summer Cases:
June 18, 1998
June 27, 1998
May 3, 1999
May 16, 1999
May 17, 1999
June 1, 1999
June 2, 1999
June 4, 1999
June 5, 1999
June 9, 1999
June 10, 1999
08 July 1999
13 February 2000
28 March 2000
16 April 2000
20 April 2000
07 May 2000
08 May 2000
11 May 2000
Winter Cases:
19 January 2000
22 January 2000
25 January 2000

Archived City Weather Forecasting
This activity allows you to make historical weather forecasts for cities during non-severe situations. The situations encountered in this activity are the most common to the operational forecaster.

Link: City Forecasting