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Help on a New Search

What am I searching?

You are searching our entire collection of COMET® videos available on the web.

I don't know what to do?

1. Fill in the text entry box, then

2. Select how you want to conduct the search, then

3. Click Submit.

Is there an advanced search to help me?

Yes, you can add the phrases "AND" or the phrase "OR" to help your search. "AND" will search for both words and only return matches that contain both words. "OR" will look for either word and return all matches that contain at least one word.

Am I searching the entire database of COMET movie files?

Yes, all our movie files are accessable from our search page.

Help on previously saved searches

How do I find a previuosly saved search?

As long as you remember your username you entered when you saved the search, that is all you need. Just follow this link to access.html and enter your username.

I forgot my username!

Not a problem. You should just try a new search and you will probably get what you want and then save with a username that you can easily remember.

How many searches am I allowed to save?

As many as you want.

Help on displaying files

My computer will not display the movie files?

You probably need to download QuickTime 3. It's free!!

Help on PALS Interactive

What in the world is PALS Interactive?

PALS Interactive is designed for regular users of PALS online reasources. Its goal is to provide a seemless interactive presentation of our reasources, without hassle to the user. Once logged in, users can save searches, file locations, and comments with only a click! Any questions or suggestions about the Interactive display should be directed to Daryl Herzmann.

Can I use PALS Interactive, if I have never used it before?

Yes, just log in with a user name here and enjoy!

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